Your Event & Corporate Childcare Team

Are you hosting a convention, company gathering, seminar, wedding, or other special event?

Nannies & Housekeepers coordinates with you to fit the childcare needs of your event allowing you the freedom to focus on other things. Our childcare professionals work as a team to ensure an enjoyable experience for children and their parents. Many of our employees hold college degrees, are professional educators, and are bilingual. All employees have met our requirements for experience and truly love working with children.

During your event, our programs provide activities appropriate for each age group, using safe, sturdy equipment. Routines like washing hands, sitting together for snacks, and visiting the restroom are staff initiated and supervised. Children can choose to be active or opt for quieter play – either way, our nannies follow their lead. Activities include exciting themes, new arts and crafts projects, group games, music and movement, board games, story time, dramatic play, and more. The program is designed for children aged infant through 16 years old. Our staff:child ratios are set to ensure that every child feels special and is able to be given individual attention. In addition, each nanny will be wearing a Rockabye Babysitters t-shirt so they are easily identifiable, a nanny supervisor will be coordinating with our nannies on site as well as your representative, and children’s name tags and a check-in check-out procedures will be put in place.

Throwing An Event or Wedding?

We provide our service at all locations, whether that is at hotels or in your own private space we can help make your day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Babysitters may be required for the duration of the event or even throughout the preparation – we can provide a tailored Babysitting service based upon your requirements.