Please Note:
- Fees are calculated at a rate of $25/hr plus any taxes and fee at at total price of $27/hr for a maximum of 2 children. If you require care for more than 2 children; (3 - 5 children per sitter), please select the exact number in the extras tab in the booking form above.
- For guests staying in the Delta Main Building, t
he fee can be prepaid online through the booking form or charged to your room at the end of your stay.
- For guests staying in the Mount Kidd or other buildings, you must pay through the booking form, or a payment request will be sent to your email and must be fulfilled prior to the arrival of the babysitter.

- All childcare duties carried out by the staff will be completed in the guest room unless otherwise specified.
- Holiday Care - If you are booking on a statutory holiday, please select "Holiday Rate" in the extras tab. Stat Holiday Link

Babysitter Booking Form


Guest Info: Once the booking is complete you will receive an email confirmation of the booking. You will also be receiving a phone call from the front desk informing you of the arrival of your babysitter 10 to 15 min prior to the booked time.
Waiver Agreement: By booking through Rockabye Babysitter, you hereby agree and understand, that all the parties; Rockabye Babysitters and the parent of the children who are receiving childcare at the Delta Lodge Hotel in Kananaskis (the Hotel); agrees and acknowledges that Rockabye Babysitter is not operated or managed in any way by the Hotel. I understand and agree to hold harmless Rockabye Babysitter and Delta Lodge Hotel Kananaskis and both its owners, directors, officers, advisors, employees, agents, instructors, volunteers, childcare workers, and all other persons or entities acting for them from any and all claims, demands, suits, cost and charges, in connection with or arising out of Rockabye Babysitter childcare service, including but not limited to, personal injury, bodily harm, injury, or property damage occurring while the above child/children is/are in their care at Rockabye Babysitter.
Cancellation Policy: Guests are required to notify us of any cancellations to 24 hours prior to the approved booking time. Same day cancellations within 24 hours will be refunded at a rate of 75% of the total booking price.