About Us

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We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and their children as well as our Babysitters in order to ensure that The Rockabye's experience exceeds expectations for everyone.
As such, we prepare our Babysitters to surpassed industry standards.
Babysitters come from various professional backgrounds, from ballerinas to teachers, nurses to graduate students. Each individually selected sitter exhibits an unmatched level of professionalism, intuitive care, and inspired desire to deliver the best experience for the client and children. Accordingly, ‘Rockabye Babysitters’ can exceptionally match Babysitters with clients to create sitting scenarios in which all parties are happy.
To deliver our elevated level of care, all Babysitters are over 16 years old and have undergone an extremely thorough interview and screening process that includes completing at least 3 hours of shadowing a current Babysitter. They are fluent in English and many are multilingual, are accessible at all times while on assignment with your children, are non-smokers, and all are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and maintain discretion at the client’s request. Aside from their expert care, you’ll recognize our sitters by their Rockabye t-shirts.

Additional Certifications and Qualifications Include:

  • At least 2 years of babysitting experience
  • At least 2 verified professional references and/or letters of recommendations
  • Thorough screening
  • Personally interviewed
  • Full background check
  • Legal to work in Canada
  • High school diploma